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50 Tracks Of House Mix Music For $4999.95

Enjoy Non-Exclusive Unlimited LicensePlays/ Usage/ Ownership/ Reuse/ Reproduction/ Re-purpose

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  1. SK Rocks - BIG ROOM 4:00
  2. Crave You - BIG ROOM 4:23
  3. Freak - BIG ROOM 4:15
  4. Vegas Nights - BIG ROOM 4:00
  5. Millionaire Mind - BIG ROOM 4:04
  6. Blood Money - BIG ROOM 4:15
  7. Epic Party - BIG ROOM 3:45
  8. Life is beautiful - BIG ROOM 4:08
  9. Private Party - BIG ROOM 4:33
  10. After Party - BIG ROOM 4:33
  11. Shake it - BIG ROOM 4:33
  12. Wonderful Night - DEEP HOUSE 3:48
  13. Dark night - DEEP HOUSE 3:47
  14. Edge of love - DEEP HOUSE 3:48
  15. Anything - DEEP HOUSE 4:00
  16. She's a mystery - DEEP HOUSE 3:48
  17. Crash My Party - DEEP HOUSE 5:11
  18. Free World - PROGRESSIVE 3:41
  19. Swag Factor- PROGRESSIVE 3:38
  20. Rollercoaster - PROGRESSIVE 5:07
  22. Slam Down -PROGRESSIVE 3:30
  23. I_m Sorry - PROGRESSIVE 3:57
  24. She_s Colorful -PROGRESSIVE 3:37
  25. Deep Inside - PROGRESSIVE 4:15
  26. Beast - PROGRESSIVE 4:00
  27. She is the one - PROGRESSIVE 4:08
  28. Only Now - PROGRESSIVE 3:44
  29. Bouncin - MEL BOUNCE 3:52
  30. Never Sleep - MEL BOUNCE 3:57
  31. Okay - EDM POP 10 3:55
  32. You Need Me - EDM POP 10 3:32
  33. I could count on you - EDM POP 10 3:36
  34. Fear of Love - EDM POP 10 3:36
  35. Feeling Right - EDM POP 10 3:33
  36. My Eyes - EDM POP 10 3:30
  37. Tell Ya Somethin’ - EDM POP 10 3:31
  38. Here with me - EDM POP 10 3:43
  39. You Feeling Me - EDM POP 10 3:40
  40. Love me - EDM POP 10 3:34
  41. Turn me on- - FUTURE BASS 3:40
  42. Above the sky - FUTURE BASS 4:39
  43. Underground - FUTURE BASS 3:47
  44. Watch It - FUTURE BASS 3:30
  45. Love of my life - FUTURE BASS 3:44
  46. Bliss of my life - FUTURE BASS 3:36
  47. Beautiful Forever - FUTURE BASS 3:34
  48. Smile on your face - FUTURE BASS 4:05
  49. Wild Love - FUTURE BASS 3:38
  50. So far - FUTURE BASS 3:48
  • Holiday Season Sale! Launch Offer,30 Days Only
  • MRP: Non-Exclusive Market License $120,000
  • Unlimited Use License
  • Current Price $4999.95/-
  • The Average Production Cost Is $2400 Per Song

Non-Exclusive Ownership License


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    What's EDM Century?

    Unlimited Play | Zero Royalty-Free | Unlimited Applications | Unlimited Projects

    EDM Century is a community site dedicated to electronic and trap music. EDM Century offers great deals for DJs, Music Producers, EDM Lovers, Artists Composer, Music Editors, Music Fans, Musicians, Bands, Labels, Gamers or anyone crazy about the global music industry.

    EDM Century is a great place for upcoming artists to shine in the music industry. we’re a growing community in the goal to help EDM artists and help them grow and get their tunes heard worldwide.

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    House Mix is a genre of EDM is derived from disco, it typically emphasizes a unique beat structure accented on the off-beats. The mood is typically a bit darker and minimalist as house music uses many other sounds including synths and soul. It is also the easiest dance music genre to combine with other genres to produce a new sound, like disco house, electro house, and tribal house.

    For House Mix 50 Music Files

    • Mp3 Format
    • Single Download
    • For Private Use (Not For Commercial Use)
    • Unlimited Plays

    For House Mix 50 Master Files

    • Non-Exclusive Ownership
    • Unlimited Use For All Songs
    • Unlimited Reuse With Edits For All Songs
    • High-Quality Master Files

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    Progressive house/Progressive trance.
    Definitely the best EDM genre, in my opinion, it can be so chill yet so hard at the same time.Best genre ever!



    Love the heavy drops! They are so damn good to headbang. It has both modern dubstep ("brostep") like Skrillex and classic UK dubstep such as Skream. By far the best music in the world!


    Big Room

    A genre that has a lengthy build-up which leads to a reverb-heavy minimal but high energy drop influenced by Hard Trance and UK Trance House.A perfect genre for music festivals!

    dj (2)


    Love this genre! probably my favorite sub-genre of all EDM! Great drops found in this genre. It is like if Electro House and Rap had a baby!



    A wise man once said, "Trance is what feelings sound like. " Can't but agree! Trance is so diverse and emotional. It takes you out of this world.


    EDM Pop

    EDM pop is one of the biggest genres of EDM. Flume takes the list on this one, and that alone should push future bass up the list. Popular music for a region


    Electro House

    After reminiscing, this is my favorite. I realized how much of the music I was listening to was the electro house. It further eternally puts me in a good mood. Despite its mechanical sound.


    Future Bass

    Love all EDM but future bass has possessed my attention for several years now. We dwell in the heavy bass line that sounds a lot like dubstep but doesn't wobble. Genre and is the best of all!

    Unlimited Reuse License

    You can purchase our non-exclusive license of 50 songs and use it unlimited times as per the terms and conditions of the pack. Get top-rated Trap (House and EDM) music for the lowest price in the market.

    Unlimited Reproduction License

    You can reproduce the tracks making edits many numbers of times you wish. With our unlimited license, you are not limited to the reproduction of the tracks and can be reproduced whatever ways you like. The sky’s the limit, what are you waiting for? get it now!

    Unlimited Language Rights

    Unlike the competition, you’re not restricted to a certain language you can use it for multiple languages all over the world. Don’t let your creativity be limited just because of a language barrier. Go wild with the music and use it for whatever language you want.

    Quality Guarantee

    The music and merch you buy on EDM Century are 100% original content and a high-quality product. We guarantee you that you’ll get the best in class quality from EDM Century.

    Payment Security Guarantee

    We promise that your payment and checkout experience will be quick and hassle-free for everything you purchase on our website.

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